Winter-Olympic Medals is a research interface to see all the information about the medals won in the Winter Olympics so far. You can see the medals by Games, Sports, Disciplines and countries or use the interactive grid to see all the information in one interface.

This service is free and was intended to help you with research into the history of the Olympic Winter Games or to show off to your mates in the pub giving you a "told you so" moment.


It all started with the Guardian Data Blog releasing a data set of all Winter Olympics Medals and me, Chris Heilmann, taking the set and downloading it.

Using the power of the Yahoo Query Language and its hosted infrastructure, I turned the data set into a search- and filterable web service and using the Yahoo User Interface library and a lick of CSS I created these pages for you to explore the history of medals in the Winter Olympics.



If you have any problems with this web site, please send us an email or contact Chris @codepo8 on Twitter.